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Working at Purple offers a unique opportunity for any marketing professional; a product and service where the benefits provided are perfectly in line with the challenges and requirements you face in your own field – it’s a marketing professional’s dream.

What’s it like to work at Purple?

“I love working for Purple, it has given me the opportunity to broaden my knowledge & skills, which is hugely beneficial for me. I also find it so exciting to be working for a company who are making such a massive impact globally!”– Marie Taylor, Web Designer

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Manchester, UK


Channel Marketing Manager
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Our mission is to create a best in class product that delivers an exceptional experience while also ensuring our product is secure, stable, scalable and simple to use.

We pride ourselves on finding solutions to complex technical challenges, utilising the best of emerging technologies and fostering a positive development culture that drives creative innovation, and we’re proud that our products are used by millions of people monthly in over 100 countries.