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The back office functions that are crucial to the successful running of any business.
If you have a passion for technology and a want to work for a business that has huge growth aspirations, then Purple might be the move for you.

What’s it like to work at Purple?

“”I absolutely love my role as Global HR Manager, I work with all areas of the business and do feel very much a part of it – from the day to day activities to the big planning and driving forward our Vision and Values.”– Cathy Belford, HR Manager

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Cathy Belford – Global HR Manager

“The culture that we are creating and developing here at Purple is pretty special, we’ve got a team that are very passionate about what Purple are achieveing and they all feel very integral to the overall success of the company globally.”

“One of the challenges for us is that as we grow and that as we add new members to team Purple, is that that culture and that passion continues throughout the company.”