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Purple Locations

We currently have offices in 6 locations worldwide, with more offices planned. Take a look at our Purple Places

wp_flag_eng_new    England – Greater Manchester
wp_usflag    US – Austin, Texas
CHILEFLAG    Chile – Santiago
wp_spainflag    Spain – Madrid
SINGAPORE    Singapore
wp_flag_nz copy    Australia – Melbourne

Purple Perks

At Purple we’re big believers in creating a truly great working environment for our teams. We’ve put a lot of thought into what we can offer you and how we can make ourselves a great company to work for. Here’s just a few perks we offer.

Global Benefits

UK Benefits

US Benefits




Our Vision

The ‘vision’ of an organisation describes the purpose and overall goal it strives to achieve.

Think of it as the North Star in the sky. Something to constantly aim for, even if in reality we may never actually achieve 100% of it.

An organisation’s ‘vision’ can be as simple or as complex as it needs to be. Here at Purple, we like to keep things simple, so our vision is ‘Intelligent Spaces’.

It represents everything we want to achieve in two simple words; we want to make our Purple customer spaces more intelligent.